Goodbye Summer Hello School

Where the heck did summer go? I literally woke up this morning with the realization that summer will soon be coming to an end. I mean listen I live in California so we tend to have great weather most of the time, but there is a lot of things that do change. I for one always seem to eat better and cleaner in the summer than the winter, food just seems to taste better in summer. So many delicious fruits and vegetables are in season and grilling is easy! Some personal favorites is an avocado salad with cucumber tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice and salt/pepper, grilled corn, and grilled lemon and rosemary chicken!Rosemary Lemon ChickenAvocado Salad
Nom Nom Nom As for snacks we love blueberries, apples, nectarines and plums. I’ll be trying a kid friendly frozen yogurt and blueberry snack recipe so stay tuned to see how that goes. I’m not a food blogger or chef but I do LOVE to cook for our family and let’s be honest I totally enjoy eating.
My school aged child is in year-round school so we don’t have the “typical” summer. The schedule is amazing because we do tend to have breaks when other kids are in school making vacations way easier and cheaper than to try and do in the summer. Typically for us we can be found at the pool, beach or soccer tournaments so of course the end of the summer season does start to make me sad. No more late nights as the sun will be setting way earlier, less beach activities, and more comfort food haha What are some of your favorite activities during these summer months?
As everyone heads back to school just a few tips for things we like to do to try and alleviate craziness in the morning, because a 3-year-old and 9-year-old are tough let me tell you! One of my favorite ways to start the week is MEAL PREP, yes, I know some of you dreed seeing this but I promise you it makes a huge difference! I personally will have a plan for the week, then will have all our snacks and lunch box items bagged and organized in the fridge. Having on the go snacks have proved to be a game changer for us, my kids snack then entire day and so I need to always be prepared. Having them organized in bins at kid level makes it easier for them to grab and go and help pack lunches. SnacksThe other thing is to try and have the lunches packed the night before, if you can’t do this then having everything bagged and organized will be a big help. Another one our big morning helper is to have backpacks packed and ready to go, this is great to do and will help to not be running around looking for homework, or pencils to sign off reading logs it’s just done the night before and ready to roll. Lastly and it sounds silly but I wonder how many of you ask your kids “where are your shoes?” well we keep a bin of everyone daily shoes by our front door, we are shoes off in house kind of family so this helps to organize and have a place to put these shoes daily, AND they are always in the same place. If you put at least two of these things into practice I know you’ll see a change in your morning routines.
Happy beginning of the school year and goodbye beautiful summer days

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