Nontoxic Home- Facts

Still not convinced your everyday products are causing you and your family harm? Read the below and I have a feeling you’ll change your mind.
The Facts:
⊗During a 15 year study it was found the 54% of women who worked at home had a higher death rate from cancer than those who work away from the home. The study concluded this was due to a direct result of a much higher exposure to toxic chemicals found in common household products.

⊗More than 7 million accidental poisonings occur each year, with more that 75% involving children under age 6

⊗The toxic chemicals in the household cleaners are 3X more likely to cause cancer than air pollution

⊗Of the chemicals commonly found in the home 150 have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities

⊗ Only 1% of toxins are required to be listed on the labels, because companies classify their formulas as “trade secrets”

⊗In the past 50 years more than 75,000 chemicals have been introduced into the environment. Today 300 synthetic chemicals are found in the bodies of humans, even newborns have synthetic chemicals passed on from their mothers.

⊗Within 26 seconds after exposure to chemicals such as cleaning products, traces of these chemicals can be found in every organ in the body

Still want to hold on to your current products?

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