Holistic Pets- The Basics

First let me start off by saying I am not a doctor or veterinarian, this blog series is based on my research and what we do with our pets. With that said there are holistic veterinarians out there that will be able to also support you and your specific needs through this journey. Just as doctors not all are created equally, you may need to talk and meet with a few before finding someone that supports holistic means. Do not be fear mongered into making decisions, trust your gut and know that there is a better way than the status quo.
There are two things you need to do before we move on, first research your pet’s food! Just like you would for yourself and your family you need to read the labels. Just because its sold in a veterinarian’s office doesn’t mean it’s the best. Most vets as with doctors are in contracts with these companies to help produce sales, and sometimes may not be the best for your animal. Unfortunately, in the society we live in we are surrounded by health care professionals that will ultimately make more money when we are sick verses when we are healthy. A prime example if I went to a regular doctor for let’s say a rash you will most likely be given a steroid cream (with a entire insert of side effects) and sent on your way. Try going to a holistic professional and they want to find the ROOT of the problem whether it is a probiotic or supplement they will help to solve the problem from where its originating thus actually healing you and not slapping a band aid on it. dog food graphic.PNG

Most commercial dog foods could be considered as fast food, the cheaper the food the worse off it is. Did you know that LEGAL dog food can be made with something called “4-D” meat which is made from meat from dying, dead or diseased animals?! Every single week there is a recall on some type of pet food or treat-its shocking! Read more about the dangers on pet food here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/pet-food-safety_us_55b67875e4b0a13f9d1976e7
A dog and cat food brand we highly recommend is Just Food For Dogs, not only are their standards amazing they will also give you options on how to make yourself! They truly want the best for your pets. Find them here: https://www.justfoodfordogs.com
Another thing to be aware of is your pets water! Its so simple right, but do you know what is lurking in our tap water and even basic filtered water?! From chlorine, fluoride, lead and almost 300 other toxins! We literally need water to survive but it won’t do any of us any good if we are drinking toxic water. When the EWG analyzed tests from 50,000 U.S water utilities in 50 states and tested for 500 different contaminants, 267 were detected. water graphic.PNG

Don’t expect things to get better either, Trump has recently taken aim at the Environmental Protection Agency with proposed budget cuts which means they could possible not have the money to put towards things like re-piping lead water pipes to help rid some of these toxins. It is literally up to you to control the water your family in taking in. There are all kinds of buying guides online from whole home water systems to pitchers. I personally have found through research that the Berkey water filter is one of the best out there. It has been proven to remove things like viruses, bacteria and even parasites. They start at about $231 and you can even add additional fluoride filters. Check them out for yourselves at https://www.berkeyfilters.com
At the end of the day if we take care of ourselves and our animals through nutrition and proper exercise then our bodies will be more open to holistic means of healing. Think about it you can’t eat cheeseburgers everyday then expect an oil or supplement to keep your heart healthy or cholesterol at appropriate levels. thomas edision graphic.PNG

I think Thomas Edison had it right when he predicted that “The doctors of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” We aren’t there yet but we are becoming more and more empowered and this will be our future.
I hope you all will take this time to rethink your pet’s food and water supply to make sure you feel good about the daily nutrition they are receiving. Next time we will start to dive into essential oils, thank you for taking the time to read this and will see you next time!

*I am not affiliated nor do I receive compensation from any of the above companies or products, these are my personal recommendations.

**Information from EWG, dogs naturally magazine


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