Holistic Pets- Applications

Thank you for tuning in yet again! Had to take a little break in between the last blog because of life stuff but we are back! One of the most important things I want to talk about is that all essential oils are not created equal! Did you know that essential oils are not regulated? Someone can throw an organic label on it regardless if it is or not. Also, you’ll notice about 98% of oil labels will say do not ingest the oil; this is because most oils contain synthetics. You do not want to put synthetic products on your skin or ingesting! Therefore, it is so important to dig a little deeper, Young Living offers 100% transparency to help alleviate any questions in terms of standards. Young Living offers the Seed to Seal promise (www.seedtoseal.com) Sourcing, Science and Standards are a huge priority for this company, you can literally show up to the farms and tour the farm and distillery. What other company gives you this? What other companies wants to give you Wellness, Purpose, and abundance?! Young Living is so driven to give us the best products to support our families’ wellness, purpose in community of like minded people and abundance when you share the products that work for you! These are huge parts of why I chose Young Living, especially because I started when I was using on a 6-month-old child, so it was super important we had the very best. seedtoseal.png
Again, I am not a veterinarian or doctor, but it is a fact that medications come with pages of side effects. Why not help your body or animal’s bodies and give them the tools to function the way they were meant to? We were made to function it is so important that we remember this. We just need to help the body out and give it some support through natural ways. When introducing oils or new supplements try to do one at a time and slowly. See below for some breakdowns of oil applications and ways to introduce to your pets.
Dogs: Oil application and technique will depend of the size of the dog, small dogs start with diffusing or you are wearing the oils, when moving on to application dilute 80-90%* and about 3-5 drops per application. Larger dogs can tolerate direct application and can apply neat, 3-5 drops per application, dilute if high in phenols. Dogs tend to be able to use oils more freely and easily than cats or other small animals.
Cats: The feline species are a little more sensitive to oil application. It is better to introduce oils through diffusing (water based diffuses are better). Cats have interesting personalities and cannot predict how they will react to certain oils. You will be able to tell by the cat’s response, some will lie right next to the diffuser and other will stay out of the room. If you notice that the cats are staying as far as s possible from the diffuser then that may not be the right oil for them. Just like with humans you will need to experiment to find the oils that suit them. Felines have harder time processing phenols so any oils that are high in phenols (wintergreen, Basil, Clove, Oregano, Melaleuca Quinquenervia, Thyme, Mountain Savory, Tea Tree, Laurus Nobilis and cinnamon Bark) should be used cautiously or avoided all together. When needing to use oils that are high in phenols its best to use for short amounts of time and under (holistic) veterinary care. Once your applying topically apply 3-5 drops 80-90% diluted per application, same number of drops while diffusing. applypets
Birds: Birds are extremely sensitive to the synthetic chemicals in household cleaners, candles and air fresheners. This also means if you are using some random oils from Walmart they too are toxic to birds! Only pure unaltered oils will be able to be tolerated. We will dive into all the reasons why in a later blog BUT the best way to introduce oils to birds is through diffusing, misting, spraying into the air. When diffusing start with about 3 drops if oil in a water-based diffuser and start with 5-10-minute intervals, and gradually increase time.
Horses/Cattle/Livestock: These animals will be the most like humans in terms of application and dilution. The Equine family as well as livestock ad cattle can have oils applied topically, oral, massage, petting and raindrop. Dilution required only if animal is showing signs of discomfort, high in phenols, or can be hot on the skin aka “hot oil”. They can tolerate about 10-15 drops neat per application.
Ready to get started? Try applying or diffusing one oil this week with your pet, post below or message me I’d love to hear how it goes. Don’t have your Young Living oils yet? No problem go the “Getting Holistic” page or message me.
Next time I will go more in depth with specific issues to help support in these different types of animals.
*When using the term dilute you will want to use an oil mixture such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, YL V-6 oil, etc. This will not only help the essential oil to go further but also take away any discomfort when applying an oil that may be considered hot.

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