The Man behind the Movement

I always knew I wanted to meet Gary Young and hear him speak, I’ve heard from my upline’s what an amazing man and speaker he was. Unfortunately I will never have the opportunity to shake his hand and thank him for all that he does for us. Today was his memorial and was live streamed (over 100,000 people tuned in) for us that could not be there in person.  It was completely devastating and yet inspiring to watch, I cried hard for this man today. The sacrifices he has made throughout his entire life all for the sake of getting these healing products into everyone’s hands. As people who knew him best came up to talk about him there were a few things that stuck with me.

1) He was a man who lived life to the fullest, he hiked, hunted, traveled, discovered, created foundations, jousted, dog sledding and so much more!

2) He was a man of God, all our views of what this is can be quite different, but I do believe this was his purpose in this life. People described him as literally manifesting things due to his belief and prayers. This was a man who was supposed to be in a wheel chair the rest of his life, and as he did many times he surpassed all expectations

3) He was a pioneer in the Essential Oil movement, at the time Gary started studying distillation NO ONE was distilling oils for healing purposes but only to be used in perfumes and cosmetics.

4) He worked through impossible conditions to get our Black Spruce farm up and running due to the fact he had so many people messaging him that they needed Valor, with tears in his eyes he told others they were welcome to go back home but that he wouldn’t stop until he could get that farm started.

And lastly Jared Turner our company President said that Gary’s wishes were that we are to be healers, that there are enough sales and business people out there and our mission to be healers for those in need. Gary’s mission was not about profit but truly about helping people. They set up this company as an Multilevel Marketing (MLM) to quite literally give everyone a chance to have this wellness, purpose and abundance in their lives. MLM’s are the perfect vessel for us who need to be home with our babies, or can travel and work from anywhere, you don’t need to be a college graduate. Gary wanted us to focus on our relationships, we are not here to sell you something but to help change your life and mindset, to open up the doors to freedom to those who want it. Hearing these stories today filled my heart with so much pride and yet so devastated to never get the chance to meet this incredible man. I know Gary is still going to be guiding us from the other side and we will continue to feel him through these oils he loved and believed in so much. I am so blessed to be apart of this company and movement, and am so thankful Gary gave his life to this company. My thoughts are with my entire Young Living family during these difficult times.

To see or learn more about this remarkable human please check out the website below:





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