Our Holistic Journey

Hi my name is Jenna Kaplan I live in Irvine California with my two kids, furry baby and husband. We love spending our time at the beach, pool, soccer fields and Disneyland. We are a pretty easy going bunch that just try to get through each day as best as we can, usually with a wine in hand.

About three years ago when my daughter was born I had a bit of an awakening. Randomly through Facebook land I had heard about how bad Johnson & Johnson products were for our babies. This was something that completely shook me, like why on earth is a product that is marketed for babies bad for them? Sure enough after researching I found that the Bedtime Bath and Bedtime Lotion rated a 9 out of 10 of the EWG Think Dirty App.j&j

The reason for the high rating is due to Developmental & Reproductive toxicity from ingredients like Ethlyparaben which is a major endocrine disruptor, and Methylparaben which is a preservative that can mimic estrogen. Did you know that Methylparabens have been found in breast tumors? WHY WHY WHY are companies pumping these products full of so much crap? Is it because its cheaper? I honestly will never understand the society we live in but I do know that I have to empower myself to do the research and find something better.

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After I started researching other products I started to feel a bit defeated because it really seemed like everything we put on our bodies are loaded with toxins. Again searching on Facebook land I found myself in a group dedicated to more natural approaches where I learned about Young Living Essential Oils and Products. This company was a real game changer for us. I ordered blindly which I do not recommend because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, but after a lot of research I slowly started to use my oils instead of other products. Months later when I needed support for my daughters sleep I once again was able to dive into the oils for help. Changing your lifestyle is a lot like parenting for the first time you jump in, hope for the best and learn from trial and error. Learning from my own mistakes I have made it my mission to support others with their wellness journeys. I hold events, one on one’s, Zoom’s and more to be a support system to those who are looking for something better for their families.




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